No panto but plenty of online Dame at Oldham Coliseum

Richard J Fletcher as Dame Dotty Trott. Pic: Oldham Coliseum/Darren Robinson


Paul Genty

14 Nov 2020

Theatre's famous panto stories retold online by Dame, Richard Fletcher

Oldham Coliseum Theatre has created a new kind of panto for 2020 – Panto Digital Storytelling, which will be available online between December 12-January 2.

The theatre is giving audiences – some of whom booked for the intended live Christmas panto on the opening night of last year's show – the chance to invite Dame Dotty Trott and Cinderella, actors Richard J Fletcher and Shorelle Hepkin, into their homes for unique retellings of the tales.

The panto characters will tell their stories from their own perspective; audiences will be able to choose between Jack and the Beanstalk with Dame Dotty or Cinderella with Cinderella herself. Each story will be available for a day.

The pre-recorded videos of Dame Dotty and Cinders are directed by Rachel McMurray and filmed and edited by Grant Archer. A ticket for either Panto Digital Storytelling: Cinderella or Panto Digital Storytelling: Jack and the Beanstalk gives its holder one day’s video access – expiring at midnight like the Fairy Godmother’s magic.

Tickets for either show go on sale from December 12, and cost £10 for a day’s access.