Seven artists commissioned by Oldham Coliseum

L-R Grant Archer, Joyce Branagh, Tori Burgess, Dare To Know Theatre, Caitlin Gleeson, Chloe Heywood and Rowan Prescott, Jade Williams.


Paul Genty

25 Feb 2021

Theatre's "micro commissions" will be seen online

Oldham Coliseum Theatre is the latest venue to ask performers to create special works to be presented online.

The theatre’s “micro commissions” appropriately cover health and wellbeing, or local stories, or work for and with young Oldhamers.

The works include: Joyce Branagh’s The Newcomer – the true story of a survivor of a Polish WWII concentration camp who came to Oldham aged 12; Jade Williams’s project for young people inspired by Black British history; Grant Archer’s investigation of how lockdown has affected people working in the creative industry; Tori Burgess’s audio drama A Tale of Two Giants - based on the Saddleworth folk tale of Alphin and Alder; Dare to Know Theatre’s community piece The Wobble Room; Caitlin Gleeson’s One Foot In Front Of The Other, about the health benefits of walking, and Chloe Heywood and Rowan Prescott’s piece about growing up in poverty in Oldham.

The seven new works will be released throughout the spring.

More information here