Tying a big pink ribbon round our theatres


Paul Genty

3 Jul 2020

Scene/Change support group highlights how we're missing live theatre

Manchester’s Royal Exchange theatre, the National Theatre, the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh and theatres in Belfast and Cardiff were all due to be swathed in brght pink tape today (July 3) at the start of a “missing live theatre” campaign.

The initiative is the idea of Scene/Change, a group launched to support designers through the pandemic and to help theatres return to production.

After today’s launch, the campaign will continue throughout the West End tomorrow. More than 50 theatres and organisations have signed up, from the RSC and Theatr Clwyd to Sheffield Theatres and the giant Ambassador Theatre Group.

“As businesses begin to reopen the doors of theatres remain firmly shut,” says Scene/Change. “As we launch Missing Live Theatre, we want to bring joy and colour to theatres across the UK and Ireland, while highlighting the impact of Covid-19 and what we, as an industry, and local communities are missing.”

The tape will remain in place for up to a week before being reused by other theatres. Theatres keen to join in are asked to contact the group here.