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Artist development at The Lowry

The Lowry exterior at night

Salford arts venue The Lowry is looking for for six independent artists or companies based in the north of England to join its 2024-26 Developed With artist development programm.

Creatives who have been supported early in their careers by the scheme include Kill The Beast, the team behind hit West End musical Operation Mincemeat, who were associate artists at The Lowry in 2013.

Since the programme was founded in 2009, other alumni include Sophie Willian, Theatre Ad Infinitum, Dickson Mbi, Art with Heart, LUNG Theatre, Igor and Moreno, Melissa Johns and Colour the Clouds.

The Lowry nurtures talent and supports artists in the creation of new work, which often opens at tghe theatre before touring nationally and internationally.

The Lowry will invest over £40,000 in the development of new work by northern artists – including a visual artist, whose work will be presented in the venue’s gallery, alongside five performance-based artists or companies who will open new work in the Studio Theatre.

Antonia Beck, The Lowry’s senior producer artist development, said: “Investing in talent is one of the cornerstones of our work; artist development is crucial to ensuring the health and vitality of the creative sector.

“Through our development programmes we not only nurture artists to make exciting new work but also support them in realising their longer-term ambitions. We look forward to receiving a wide range of applications from performance and visual artists across the north of England.”

The deadline for applications is July 11.

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