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Buxton G & S festival another victim of pandemic

Buxton Opera House
Buxton Opera House

Buxton Opera House's popular Gilbert and Sullivan Festival, due to make its 27th appearance in August, is another victim of Covid-19.

"Our invisible enemy has defeated us. We are devastated and saddened," said a spokesman.

The cancellation of the 2020 series, in Buxton and Harrogate, is the first in a 26-year run made entirely without Arts Council or other public grants - which poses a problem for the future.

"We have worked tirelessly to keep the festival alive through recessions, depressions and disputes," festival organisers say, "and it is becoming increasingly likely that we will not be able to access the Arts Council emergency fund because we have never had funding from them before.

"We are going to appeal and we are also exploring each and every avenue to get us through this difficult period. We promise we will not give up! Our campaign is just beginning."

Organisers have called on supporters to make donations to help pay for a 2021 season, and have launched a campaign to rally support.

"We have no large reserves to call on to cover the 2020 losses, so we are asking for your help to sustain this unique event."

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