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Dare To Know new tour

Jake Talbot in Drowning
Jake Talbot in Drowning

Oldham-based Dare to Know Theatre is bringing back its sell-out debut play Drowning to stages around the country this spring.

Drowning is a one-man play that follows intelligent but naive 16-year-old Josh, who has extreme views on mental health and claims suicide is selfish. But as his world crumbles around him, his life begins to spiral out of control.

Drowning is a semi-autobiographical play from Oldham writer and performer Jake Talbot, who wrote it and performs it to better understand and come to terms with his own experiences with mental health and grief.

Drowning is at The Royal Court, Liverpool, March 18; The Way Theatre/Studio, Leigh, March 18 and Bridge House Theatre, London, March 26-27.

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