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Eighties disco reborn, and you can join in

If you are (still) a fan of legwarmers, dresses with padded shoulders, and spandex and Lycra tights, Yorkshire company Falling Stars Theatre would be keen to invite you to the pub later this month.

The company's immersive Eighties disco experience, Recall, written and directed by company founder Rebecca Durham, will be staged at theatre pub The King's Arms in Salford on September 29. You can also see it at Silsden Town Hall (between Keighley and Skipton, October 1) and Lothersdale Village Hall (also between those two towns, but further west, October 21).

The show was a hit at the recent Manchester and Edinburgh Fringe festivals and sets up an 1980s disco celebrating life and love – but hidden among the nostalgic tunes lurk memories, some hidden for decades.

The immersive theatrical experience juxtaposes a party atmosphere with a dark plot. and audiences can get involved or just watch from the sidelines.

Sophie has organised a surprise Eighties party for her parents; the party flashes back and forth in time from 1989 to the present, exploring different characters' memories of what happened the night Alex met Nick. Each flashback gives clues that unleash a terrible secret and a night some would rather forget.

More info and tickets here


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