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Feeling haunted with Psycho Garbage

Feeling Haunted? l-r Dylan Hopkins, Sam Chambers, Leah Mulchay, and Dominika Rak
Feeling Haunted? l-r Dylan Hopkins, Sam Chambers, Leah Mulchay, and Dominika Rak

Psycho Garbage is the name, feeling haunted is the game for a new Manchester theatre company made up of former students at the University of Central Lancashire.

After meeting in Preston, the group devised its first (and as of now, only) show, Feeling Haunted, which was seen at college and ultimately at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in 2021.

After success at the festival, the group has developed the show, which can be seen for the first time at Preston's Lancashire Encounter, a local festival covering many events and attractions.

Psycho Garbage - Dylan Hopkins, Sam Chambers, Leah Mulchay and Dominika Rak - will perform the new Feeling Haunted? at St. Peter's Arts Centre in Preston on September 16 (2pm & 6.30pm).

The show is an staged "mockumentary" that shows its audience a lost episode of the once-hit TV show of the same name. It follows the show's host and cameraman as they enter a very haunted house. With the help of a powerful medium and the owner of the house, they try to find the root of the hauntings.

The story is told on stage and screen, cutting between live action and screened interviews with previous house residents. "The group's name came from the first time we showed a devised scene to our tutor, who described it as 'a piece of psycho garbage, but in the best way possible'," laughed Dylan Hopkins. "Graduating in the midst of Covid and lockdowns led us to want to offer escapism and fun for audiences – and out of that Feeling Haunted? was born."

Info and tickets here


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