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Working class heroine for youngsters

A young theatre director bringing a thought-provoking children's show to Manchester says there aren't enough working class heroines in plays. Maisie Newman, director of Vixen, (at Z-arts May 14, 11 am and 2 pm) says children should be able to see themselves represented on the stage.

The first in her family to attend university, Maisie says she knew didn't really know what theatre was as a child, being more familiar with films and TV. Now she is delighted to have played an important role in Vixen, which has a young, working class heroine.

Produced by award-winning Travelling Light Theatre Company, the show sees Saffi, 11-years-old and fed up, living on an estate with her dad. When she is scratched by a fox in next door's garden, she starts to re-evaluate her life and begins to find connections in unexpected places

Maisie says: "I think we’re starting to see more working class stories but very few are about the women and girls in those communities.

"When I first read Vixen, written by Matt Grinter, I remember being completely enthralled by it. There was someone a younger me could connect to - and lots of young girls coming to see it."

Zoe Pickering, head of programming at Z-arts, said: "Vixen is an outstanding example of young people's theatre that explores working class lives and issues. It is also a very uplifting story - one that can be enjoyed by many."

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