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Green Carnation's Philip Ridley thriller

Manchester-based LGBTQ+ theatre company Green Carnation returns with a new production of Philip Ridley’s psychological thriller Vincent River, at Hope Mill Theatre (October 12-19).

The company's first production since the pandemic, Vincent River is a tense, darkly-humorous thriller about hate crime, loss, prejudice and sexuality in London’s East End.

Explaining the reasons for choosing it as Green Carnation’s comeback production, co-director Dan Jarvis said: “We tell queer stories through quality theatre and there’s something so urgent – vital even – about Philip Ridley’s writing that made us think this had to be our next play.

"Grief, homophobia, shame... Vincent River addresses these unflinchingly. We live in uncertain times and this play speaks to them.”

Green Carnation was founded in 2018 by Manchester-based co-directors Dan Ellis and Dan Jarvis (aka The Dans) to produce Alexi Kaye Campbell’s time-travelling drama The Pride at Hope Mill. The company is

named after the green carnation Oscar Wilde wore in his lapel as a secret symbol of his homosexuality. In 2020 the company toured Kevin Elyot's My Night with Reg, opening to sold-out crowds at Salford's Lowry. Director and co-founder of Hope Mill Theatre, Joseph Houston, said: “We're thrilled to have Green Carnation back with us. It's an incredibly exciting, grass-roots LGBTQ+ company making great strides in Manchester and beyond."

Info and tickets here


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