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Leaves of Glass in Manchester

Ned Costello and Katie Buchholz in Leaves of Glass
Ned Costello and Katie Buchholz in Leaves of Glass

Master storyteller Philip Ridley’s play Leaves of Glass transfers from an acclaimed revival in London to Manchester's Hope Mill Theatre in July (3-8).

The 2007 play is a gripping narrative of memory, manipulation and power now regarded as a modern classic, performed here in a new production by longtime collaborators, Lidless Theatre. The show won Off West End award nominations for Ned Costello's lead performance and the four cast members as an ensemble. In East London, Steven has always tried to be a good person – a hard worker who cares for his family. But people start accusing him of unfaithfulness and intimidation, though it's not clear whether he has done anything at all. The show, directed by Max Harrison, features the London cast of Ned Costello, Kacey Ainsworth, Katie Buchholz and Joseph Potter.

The multi-talented Philip Ridley grew up in the East End of London, has had paintings exhibited across Europe and has written books for adults and children, screenplays and poems, as well as many acclaimed and award-winning stage works, from his groundbreaking The Pitchfork Disney to his most recent stage monologue, Tarantula.

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