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Liverpool to celebrate 'Doddy Day'

Main pic: Andy Hollingworth Archive
Main pic: Andy Hollingworth Archive

The Comedy Trust is joining local Liverpool institutions to run the first Doddy Day.

November 7 – the day before his birthday – will celebrate the life of Knotty Ash legend Ken Dodd in what would have been his 92nd year. Dodd died in 2018, aged 90.

National Museums Liverpool, the Ken Dodd Charitable Foundation, Radio Merseyside, Knotty Ash Productions and Liverpool’s Royal Court are joining in the celebration.

The centrepiece of Doddy Day will be the afternoon Happiness Show at Liverpool’s Royal Court, starring Les Dennis and others still to be confirmed. The Comedy Trust, founded in Liverpool in 2002, will run a series of comedy workshops on the day. 

There will be plenty more merriment, including an online joke competition in the build-up to the day, a Jam Butty Cake Bake Off between David Assall, head chef at Liverpool’s Royal Court and James Behan, head chef at National Museums Liverpool.

The event has the full support of Lady Dodd, whose Ken Dodd Charitable Foundation has provided some funding for the day.

Gillian Miller, chief executive of Liverpool’s Royal Court, is looking forward to the celebration: “The whole day will focus on bringing a smile to people’s faces. Liverpool is a city world-renowned for the way it uses humour and wit to survive difficult times.  Comedy is in our DNA and we need it now more than ever.”


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