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Macbeth - but not as you know it

imitating the dog - Macbeth in rehearsal
imitating the dog - Macbeth in rehearsal

Fusing live action with striking video technology, Lancaster-based imitating the dog's new production of Shakespeare's Macbeth is on a spring tour of the north, with dates including The Dukes, Lancaster (February 28-March 4); The Lowry, Salford (March 8-11); Liverpool Playhouse (April 25-29) and the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield (May 3-6).

Taking a radical new look at the play, imitating the dog's retelling is described as "a neon-noir thriller where Shakespeare’s original language collides with startling new scenes, stunning visuals, and powder-keg intensity."

The company's artistic director, Andrew Quick, said: “Macbeth is an extraordinary play. Shakespeare’s exploration of power, ambition, violence, and love seems so relevant to today. This is a unique take on the original play, a Macbeth as you have never seen before, but with Shakespeare’s story at its heart.”

imitating the dog has been making ground-breaking work for theatres and other spaces for 25 years and the company's creations have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people in venues, outdoor festivals and events across the world. This Macbeth will also tour to dates in Switzerland.

Past productions have included Hotel Methuselah, A Farewell to Arms, Heart of Darkness, Night of The Living Dead ™ - Remix, Dr Blood’s Old Travelling Show and most recently Dracula: The Untold Story.

Last year the company staged Cinema Inferno, a new show for the Parisian haute couture house Maison Margiela.

More info and tickets here


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