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Not just quiet, but now in pain too...

Daniel Taylor - the show goes on
Daniel Taylor - the show goes on

In true showbiz style, the show goes on for new entertainment Something About George in Liverpool this weekend – even though the leading man and musician has broken his shoulder and needs a guitar stand-in!

Something About George – The George Harrison Story opens at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre this Saturday and Sunday (June 18-19). But lead cast member Daniel Taylor – who plays guitar throughout the show – broke his shoulder this week while out jogging.

The producers have decided the popular show must go on, and have brought in musician Jonny Darnell on acoustic guitar, to perform alongside Daniel - who might not be playing but will narrate and sing.

The production – which pays tribute to the man dubbed the “quiet Beatle” – will be the first opportunity audiences in Liverpool have had to enjoy the new, full-scale show, which will tour, prior to an Edinburgh Fringe run.

The two-hour version, with visuals, soundscape and additional musicians, will now feature Daniel Taylor on lead vocals and narration; Jonny Darnell on acoustic guitar; keyboard player and vocalist Jordan Alexander; Jon Fellowes on lead guitar and vocals, and percussionist Callum McMillan.

Daniel Taylor said: “It’s been a very difficult week, both personally and for the company. But we’re delighted the show will go on and we are going to make this weekend at the Epstein happen. I will continue to perform and narrate while Jonny plays acoustic guitar – he’s saved the show!”

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