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The showcase of the missing pigeon

Poster for the show The Boy and the Bird at Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool

Folk-Sake Theatre have teamed up with Tip Tray Theatre as part of its Tip For The Future initiative this week, for a new pigeon-powered musical showcasing at Liverpool's Hope Street Theatre (June 10-11).

The Boy and The Bird is inspired by folk tales of racing pigeons; birds that can always find their way back home. The story follows Alex, a young man frantically searching the City of London for his late father's prized racing pigeon, which is yet to return from a race. When a lawyer, a food courier and a taxi driver join the search, a wild journey begins.

The musical is written by Ollie Thomas, a young Liverpool-based writer and musician, and directed by Morven Currie, a recent LIPA graduate, with a cast of northern performers, Anthony Scott, Mary Savage, Elliot Butler and Joe Owens.

Thomas and Currie, who founded Folk-Sake, began their work on the musical in January this year and their performance this week at Liverpool's Hope Street Theatre is a showcase production.

More info and tickets here


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