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Auditions for Time Traveller's Wife The Musical

Producers of The Time Traveller’s Wife: The Musical – which premieres at Storyhouse in Chester in September (Sep 30-Oct 15) prior to opening in London's West End – are holding auditions on July 25 (from noon) to find three local children to play the role of Young Clare.

The show weaves the story into a soaring original musical score by multi Grammy Award-winning composers Joss Stone and Dave Stewart.

The musical is based on the best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger and subsequent film screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin. The two-week season at Storyhouse will precede a West End transfer, still to be announced.

The story concerns a time-travelling librarian, Henry DeTamble and Clare Abshire, an artist. They meet on one of his time-travelling episodes and later get married. During the show there are some scenes in which we meet Clare as a 10 year old.

Director Bill Buckhurst said, "We 're looking for a young, talented actor to play the role. The same actor will also play the role of Alba, the daughter of Henry and Clare (also at 10 years old).

"We want to meet actors aged between 11 and 16. They must have some acting experience, be confident singers and be able to do a credible standard American accent.”

Applicants should send a video of themselves singing a verse and chorus of a pop song they enjoy, and a short poem or monologue, as well as providing some background information on why they want to play the role. They also need to note any previous performing experience.

If you are interested you don't have long: video files should be sent here by this Thursday, July 21.

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