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Feminist MissMatch

Updated: Apr 8

Megan Keaveny and Ellie Campbell in Is This Thing On?
Megan Keaveny and Ellie Campbell in Is This Thing On?

Manchester-based producers So La Flair Theatre together with theatre-making duo Megan Keaveny and Ellie Campbell - aka MissMatch - launch a northern tour of Is This Thing On? at Manchester's Contact Theatre this month (April 17-20).

Meet Mary and Liz, two friends on opposite ends of the feminist spectrum, as they discuss their work and their relationship. As their friendship reaches its boiling point, one fateful open mic night forces them to confront each other over whose right it is to tell someone’s story.

The show is MissMatch's debut, with the duo passionate about blurring the lines of theatrical mediums, experimenting with the ways character-driven plays can be elevated by spoken word and live music, and hoping to draw audiences into their world of feminist theatre with laughter.

After Contact Theatre, the show goes to Trencherfield Mill in Wigan (April 25); Slung Low in Leeds (May 4); Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool (May 16) and Theatre Royal Wakefield (May 29). Recommended for those 16 and over.

More info here (Contact)


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