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Jaden adds transparency

Jaden Adams as Ray in Transparency on tour
Jaden Adams as Ray in Transparency on tour

Transgender man Jaden Adams from Oldham is to tour the country in a show that shines a light on working class trans lives.

Jaden grew up on a council estate, worked as a gas engineer and plumber and was once a drama student who played women's roles on stage. It wasn't until he was 25 that he realised he was a transgender man. Jaden is now three years into his transition, and in his solo show Transparency (at 53two, Manchester, July 7; Salford Arts Theatre, July 8, then on tour), he plays Jack, a 23-year-old forklift driver. A misunderstanding leads his mum to discover he is trans before he is ready to come out and the fallout initially blows the family apart, leaving Jack struggling to navigate other aspects of his life.

He added: "Transparency uses radical honesty and emotive content to explore family dynamics, romantic relationships and what it means to be a man. "The characters are based on people I have met, but it isn't biographical. There are some crossovers from my life experience, but the story is a composite of trans experiences." "My own coming out did initially cause a few waves in the family. We've had to adjust together and have difficult conversations," he said. "Things are getting much better now. My parents are looking forward to coming to see the show."

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