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Novel way to take a bracing walk in the park

When can writing a play be like a walk in the park? When you are a member of a Make it Write’s Tag Team Workshop, providing an uplifting look at a park through the seasons and the people who use it.

For their latest project, the Liverpool-based group brought together nine North-West writers to take a sideways look at life, love, loss and longing on a park theme.

The result can be seen at The Casa Theatre Bar in Hope Street, Liverpool (May 27-28).

As well as plants in all their glory, the show features former vandals who have blossomed into responsible parents, and an old park bench that has witnessed many possibilities for connection with strangers, leading to new friendships and romances. It has seen hopes kindled and dreams fostered.

Dramaturg David Haworth and advisor Elaine Louise Stewart have put the show together.

Info and tickets here


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