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Passion project expands

Frozen Peas... cast Will Travis, Lula Marsh, Hope Yolanda and Kyle Rowe
Frozen Peas... cast Will Travis, Lula Marsh, Hope Yolanda and Kyle Rowe

Thanks to some new Arts Council funding, intriguingly titled Frozen Peas In An Old Tin Can is moving from its performance origins in pubs to more "legit" theatre.

The cast includes Will Travis (Coronation Street, This Is England, Where the heart Is); Lula Marsh (nominated for the BBC Carleton Hobbs Award); Kyle Rowe (Let The Right One In, Royal Exchange) and Hope Yolanda (Senses of Responsibility).

Written and directed by Joseph Walsh, the play is about homelessness in Manchester and the communities and relationships created within it. The play won Walsh the "most Innovative use of space" award and he was nominated for "best newcomer" at the 2019 Greater Manchester Fringe Awards.

Walsh's other writing credits include Like Dad, Like Duck (winner of Oldham Coliseum's Off Out Award), and he was recently nominated for a What's On Stage award through the regional theatre young director scheme.

Produced by Ella Fraser, the current show moves into The Way Theatre in Leigh (fourth floor of Leigh Spinners Mill) from May 3-7. The company is also holding workshops with young people from the local community.

Ella said: "This show began as a passion project, playing to beer gardens and pub cellars, but now we are able to move into a theatre in what is the home town for many of the people involved."

More info here (Facebook)


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