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PUSH Festival again brings the arts HOME

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

HOME Manchester has announced the seventh year of its biennial PUSH Festival, running for four weeks from January 20.

The festival brings a wide range of north west-generated arts, from fine art and film to workshops and theatre.

This year’s festival includes newly-commissioned works across a range of art forms, including theatre from Isabella Leung and Liam Rees. The event also has a range of programmed work, including performances by Box of Tricks, Ink and Curtains, Monkeywood Theatre, Mothers Who Make, Darren Pritchard, Ugly Bucket, Panoptical, Josh Coates and Amy Lowcock.

The festival will also include a series of workshops and other artist development opportunities including playwriting workshops, producers' panel discussions, clowning workshops, sound design workshops and many more subjects.

Full info and tickets here


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