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Scouse Dick Whittington

Poster for the Scouse Dick Whittington at the Royal Court, Liverpool

Actor and pantomime expert Mark Chatterton - once of Oldham Coliseum and Liverpool Everyman's famous pantos - this year directs The Scouse Dick Whittington at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre (November 10-January 20).

Written by Kevin Fearon and with musical direction from Howard Gray, the team that brought you The Scouse Cinderella, The Scouse Snow White and The Scouse Jack & The Beanstalk, this year have Mark - who has almost two decades of festive frolicking to his credit - to keep them under control.

Dick was lying in his bed when a scary hairy fairy came to him in a dream. If he were to go to London then he would become Lord Mayor! How brill is that? But hang on... London’s 212 miles away and it’s full of divvies. Why not become Lord Mayor of Liverpool instead! It’s a lot nearer....

With live music, topical gags and famously robust language, the Royal Court Christmas show is an institution of Scouse seasonal celebration and comes at the end of a record-breaking year for the Royal Court, which has seen it mark its 100th show.

Executive roducer Kevin Fearon said: “The Christmas show is an institution – the start of the festive season and a date marked in calendars all over Liverpool, and sometimes even in Wirral...

"We’re delighted to bring Mark into the Royal Court family for Christmas, as he’s known for the kind of festive fun and troublemaking that’s par for the course here.”

More info and tickets here


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