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Standing up to abuse

Yasmin Dawes in Patricia Gets Ready... Pic: Xanthus
Yasmin Dawes in Patricia Gets Ready... Pic: Xanthus

Following five-star runs in London and Edinburgh last year, Patricia Gets Ready (for a date with the man that used to hit her) starts a UK tour at The Lowry in Salford on May 26.

Midlands-born actor Yasmin Dawes brings to life a show that tells the story of a survivor: Patricia isn't a woman broken by her experiences.

Written by Martha Watson Allpress, the production discusses the realities of domestic abuse and those who experience it, and does so successfully enough to have won the Charlie Harthill Award with Pleasance Theatre in 2021; The Infallibles Theatrical Excellence Award in 2020; an OnComm commendation from The Offies in 2020 and a "Show of the Week" award at London's 2020 VAULT Festival.

Patricia has spent a year crafting a kickass speech while recovering from an abusive relationship. But, when she bumps into her ex on the street and naively agrees to dinner with him that night, she's got some big decisions to make.

Allpress says: “After leaving an abusive relationship, I needed to do some healing but had no idea how. Looking into self-care, post trauma, a lot of what I found felt reductive – face masks, long baths, gin and that sort of thing. So I turned to movies, TV shows and theatre.

"Trauma survivors in art were frail, apologetic and diminutive, but there I was, still funny, still enjoying sex, still functioning. So I decided to stop searching and start creating.”

Be aware that the show discusses domestic violence and abuse, so book with care. Over 14s recommended.

More info and tickets here


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