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Two's company with Alleyne Dance

Alleyne Dance in Far From Home. Pic by Camilla Greenwell
Alleyne Dance in Far From Home. Pic by Camilla Greenwell

Alleyne Dance is a company with what must surely be unique leadership: Kristina and Sade Alleyne are identical twins with backgrounds in athleticism and dance training.

At The Lowry, Salford (March 26-27), they are presenting their new production, Far From Home, exploring immigration in hard-hitting, atmospheric and abstract narrative dance.

Performed by six professional dancers and a supporting cast from the local community, Far From Home highlights both the emotional and mental stresses of migrant families and their impact on host communities. 

The sisters have a way of working and communicating that leans heavily on familial connectivity. Stylistically they incorporate their knowledge of West African, Caribbean, Kathak, hip-hop and circus skills within a contemporary dance context.

They also offer training classes and workshops, which have been delivered in a range of settings around the world for community groups, youth groups, vocational institutions, professional companies, and dance festivals.

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