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What Do You See... in Wigan?

London-based theatre company The PappyShow recently spent two weeks in Wigan, where three locals helped to develop a new version of the company's current touring show.

What Do You See? finds an ensemble cast using humour, stories, songs and movement to examine the unconscious biases we all hold about disability, race, age, sexual orientation and gender, among other topics. It's at the Turnpike Gallery in Civic Square on March 3-4.

Three Wiganers who have all experienced marginalisation - Joyce Josiah (26), Zha Olurankinse (25) and 39-year-old Shaun Fallows – joined the eight-strong PappyShow cast to help create the local instalment.

What do you see when you look at me? they all demand – as one of the most diverse casts Wigan has ever seen dances, sings, plays games, takes on challenges and speaks from the heart.

Artistic director Kane Husbands said: "What Do You See? is about unconscious bias, stereotyping and identity. It dives into the assumptions we might make about people – many of which we may not realise we have. The show deals with some serious themes, but it's packed with joy, colour and intelligent humour."

More info and tickets here


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