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£160 million emergency funding for the arts in England

Arts Council England has announced a £160 million emergency fund for organisations and individuals affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Details will be announced on March 31.

Funding requirements for those individuals and organisations already receiving Arts Council money have also been changed. 

The three emergency funds are due to be open to applications “very soon”, with money from a reallocation of National Lottery project grants, Developing your Creative Practice and Arts Council England’s development funds for 2020-21. According to the announcement, this will use up almost all the council’s reserves.

National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) will receive £90 million, organisations not receiving regular Arts Council funding will have access to £50 million and individuals £20 million.

The 700 or so NPOs include a range of North West companies including the Lowry, Bury Met and the Manchester jazz and literature festivals.

Information about the new funding arrangements can be found here.


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