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Audiences happier to return to theatre

Audiences are “very positive” about the return to live cultural events – and after attending an event, audience confidence increases by 22 per cent over its pre-visit level, says a new report.

The latest update to the Culture Restart Experience Survey, run by the Insights Alliance since last October, was taken in the two weeks after the relaxation of restrictions on July 19.

The report shows audiences are very positive about the return to live events, with 83 per cent reporting a “great atmosphere” and an average rating of 4.5 stars for the production or event.

Responses were split evenly between those who attended socially distanced events and full capacity events. Those at socially-distanced events had higher levels of confidence both before and after their visit – 87 per cent said they would go again, though almost 40 per cent said they would be uncomfortable about going to a full-capacity event.

Half of all respondents said requiring everyone to wear a face mask would make them more likely to go again – and almost two-thirds of respondents would have no problem showing proof of full vaccination.

For the majority of respondents this was the first visit back to a cultural venue since March 2020.

Katy Raines, Co-Founder and Partner of Indigo Ltd, said: “This latest data highlights the continued anxiety being experienced by previously-frequent cultural attenders.

“Once audiences have a positive experience at a cultural organisation with sensible safety measures in place, a majority want to come back again. Reassuring audiences and encouraging them back by elevating the voices of those who have already returned will be key.”


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