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Power play at the Old Electric

Melanie Whitehead, artistic diector of Blackpool's Old Electric Theatre
Melanie Whitehead, artistic diector of Blackpool's Old Electric Theatre

If creativity runs right through you like Blackpool rock, you might want to enter the seaside town's Power Play playwriting competition.

The contest is part of the Old Electric Theatre's innovative festival, which supports new writing for the stage and is running until July at Blackpool’s newest theatre.

This literary competition officially launches on May 17 and invites writers to submit original scripts that showcase themes with resonance to Blackpool.

The winning writer will see their script workshopped and cast for a fully-rehearsed production, which will be performed to the public and invited industry professionals on July 27.

The runner-up plays will be workshopped in front of the public and invited industry professionals in July (dates to be confirmed).

All submitted plays should be original pieces not previously been performed, and thematically linked to Blackpool and the current experience of living in, growing up in, or regularly visiting, Blackpool.

Each piece must be between 45-75 minutes long and suitable for performance by four or fewer actors .

Old Electric artistic director Melanie Whitehead, said: “The Power Plays title is intended to act as provocation for thinking about the power dynamics of Blackpoo, with a view to enacting positive change. We want to hear your stories!”

The four-month festival also includes visiting artist Q&As, new live productions, a pioneering primary schools programme, peer to peer projects and keynote masterclass sessions with top literary names.

More info about the writing competition here


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