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Baba Yaga at Theatre Porto

Poster for Baba Yaga at Theatre Porto

The Slavic fairytale of Baba Yaga - the elderly witch who lives in a house that stands on chicken legs - is the latest show from Durham's Theatre Hullabaloo and Theatre Porto in Ellesmere Port

The contemporary version of the story is aimed at children aged six and above and is inspired by the Slavic stories of Baba Yaga – of a 10-year-old sister and brother forced to flee their home only to find themselves in a whole new world.

Is this new place really safe? Just ahead, in a chicken-leg house, lurks the most dangerous of adversaries – Baba Yaga herself, the lip-smacking, fear-smelling witch of legends, and she's ready to make their - and your - heart race.

This dark fairytale takes unexpected twists and turns and has fantastical ingredients, physical theatre and an epic score. It runs in Ellesmere Port from October 6-12.

More info and tickets here


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