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Beowulf on the streets of Huddersfield

Proper Job Theatre's production of Beowulf

A new, large-scale, immersive adaptation of old English poem Beowulf takes to the streets of Huddersfield this month (November 8-11).

Created by Yorkshire-based event wizards Proper Job Theatre for Kirklees Year of Music, Beowulf will feature an original score celebrating the creativity of the musicians of Kirklees.

The poem has been adapted by Yorkshire-based poets Chris O’Connor, Franc Chamberlain, Ian McMillan, Joel Simmy and Michelle Scally-Clarke, working with composers Leighton Jones and Supriya Nagarajan.

Audiences are invited to march down Westgate to St Peter’s Church, accompanied by the haunting melodies of Viking horns and drums. On arrival at the church they will be transported to Herot, the Great Mead Hall of King Hrothgar, where they will take their seats to the sound of a 60-strong community choir and be absorbed in the tale of the mighty Beowulf, the battle with the monster Grendel and the final conquest of the awe-inspiring dragon in defence of Hrothgar’s kingdom.

James Beale of Proper Job said: “We’re excited to create our very Yorkshire adaptation in Huddersfield featuring a cast and creative team almost exclusively from the region.”

Councillor Yusra Hussain, who is the local council's lead on cultural matters, said: “Beowulf is one of the highlights of our closing few months of Kirklees Year of Music. Everyone is welcome to watch the free procession or to buy a ticket to see the whole show." Run time is two hours, and the show is suitable for all the family. More info and tickets here


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