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Big year for 4AM Productions

Poster for latest 4AM play They Don't Really Care About Us

Liverpool-based 4AM Productions has four new stage shows and a film in the pipeline, with May's They Don't Really Care About Us (Hope Street Theatre, May 30-June 1) featuring a cast of 13, chosen from the nearly 100 who auditioned.

Inspired by the famous Michael Jackson song, the production focuses on racial injustice, treatment by the police, our justice system, sexism and misogyny in the workplace and society.

In Liverpool in 1997, aspiring poet Vanessa is brutally murdered. A young medical student is charged and jailed - but do the police have the right person, or have they judged him on the colour of his skin?

The highly-diverse cast ranges from several with previous experience to a dentist who has never acted before.

Info and tickets here


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