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Brookside legend haunts the Royal Court

Poster advertising Michael Starke in Haunted Scouse at Liverpool'sn Royal Court

Brookside legend Michael (Sinbad) Starke is back at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre to launch the 2024 season opposite his wife Lynn Francis (I Have A Bad Feeling About This, Red And Blues).

In new comedy Haunted Scouse by Gerry Linford (February 9-March 9), Michael plays Charlie Moon, a recently-deceased Scouser at the centre of some spooky goings-on.

Charlie is sadly missed and his widow Molly is the one doing most of the missing. She feels guilty about how he died and wants to make things right with him. If only he was still here, she thinks, and oddly enough he is, as Charlie is in limbo until he solves the riddle of his death...

Michael said: “Usually, rehearsals are a bit of purgatory for me; but this has been lovely. One of the great things is working with friends and my wife, so it is great fun. It’s a comedy, but there’s heart and soul in it. I’m excited to be back on the stage and the Royal Court is one of the best theatre spaces in the city, with the best audiences – and this is made for them”. 

Michael's wife Lynn, who here plays his stage wife, said: “It’s always exciting to be on the stage with Michael because he's so creative and I’m also excited to see how the technical stuff will make it spooky”. 

More info and tickets here


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