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Circus skills and gender identity

Using aerial skills and choreographed movement to explore gender identity, Emerging is the latest production from pioneering company Scarabeus Aerial Theatre.

The show premieres at The Lowry, Salford (October 7-8) before a nationwide UK tour ending at the London International Mime Festival in 2023.

Co-commissioned by The Lowry and LIMF, the show concerns the relationship between transgender son Naissa and his mother Daniela through a complex, life-changing process.

Artistic director and performer Daniela Essart said: “With Emerging we want to tell our story and also give voice to others navigating similar journeys – and to let them know they aren't alone. We want to highlight the nuances, fragility and ferocity in their journey."

The production highlights a parent’s desire to support her child through their transition, while balancing the fear of irreversible changes, as well as being a universal story about parent-child relationships.

Founded in 1988, London-based Scarabeus has produced pioneering outdoor and indoor performances that fuse aerial skills, visual theatre and choreographed movement.

Steve Cowton, head of theatres at The Lowry, said: “The Lowry is very proud to have co-commissioned this significant new show. We've worked with Scarabeus Aerial Theatre before and they make incredibly exciting contemporary circus shows.

The show contains themes of gender diversity and a recommended minimum age for audience members is 12.

There will also be a live-streamed performance on October 8 at 8pm


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