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Delicate circus

A circus-style show with a difference arrives at The Lowry in Salford on October 25-26.

Presented by Extraordinary Bodies and co-produced with Theatre Royal Plymouth and the equally-extraordinary Nordland Visual Theatre - housed in a 90-seat theatre building just inside the Arctic Circle on an island off the West coast of Norway - Delicate revolves around four different characters, united in frustration at their changing, ageing, breaking bodies that no longer seem to obey them.

The cast features people of different circus skills, ages, ethnic backgrounds and in some cases, disabilities, exploring their "delicacy".

Nordland Visual Theatre's base in Samsund,  Norway
Nordland Visual Theatre's base in Stamsund, Norway

Lydia Harper, circus director of Delicate said: “Circus is a unique way to communicate with audiences. It can articulate pain, joy, and many different emotions with every part of the body in a way that goes beyond language. This show will make audiences feel the delicacy of someone else and recognise it in themselves.”

Writer and co-director Jamie Beddard said: “The inspiration came at a time I was beginning to feel my age, with mobility decreasing and feeling not as fit and robust as I once did. Underpinning all this, was a sense that the world was becoming more delicate - and that narrative is also interwoven into the show.”

The north of England part of the show's tour also visits Barnsley Civic Theatre on November 18.

See here for the Lowry and here for Barnsley.

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