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Digital comedy in the distance

A group of producing theatres is giving a long lead to a new online comedy about… a coronavirus-hit community theatre group.

The digital production of Henry Filloux-Bennett and Yasmeen Khan’s Going the Distance will launch on demand from October 4-17. It's a co-production by the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Oxford Playhouse, The Dukes and The Watermill Theatre, and is as yet uncast.

It's March 2020 and hundreds of arts centres face permanent closure - but that isn’t going to stop Eggborough Community Theatre, which plans a fundraising production of Wizard, which as they explain is inspired by The Wizard of Oz but is certainly not based on it, or they would have to pay royalties…

The show follows some notable successes by Filloux-Bennett, including What A Carve Up! last October, The Picture of Dorian Gray this March, and the recent adaptation by Yasmeen Khan of The Importance of Being Earnest, produced by Lawrence Batley Theatre and The Dukes Lancaster.

Tickets and more information can be obtained here.


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