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Drag Addict, new Mancunian musical

New musical Drag Addict, which premiers at HOME in Manchester this summer (July 18-August 13), boasts one-time local girl Arlene Phillips as one of its creators and choreographer and Bury-Bolton novelist-journalist Matt Cain as co-writer.

It’s summer in Manchester, it’s raining and on Canal Street storm clouds of another sort are gathering as Club Fierce is under threat. But Dolly Ravage, who runs the club and is the unofficial godmother of the Gay Village, isn’t going down without a fight...

Arlene said: “When I moved from Manchester to London in the 1970s, many people found an escape in my dance classes from a society that still frowned upon their sexuality. It became a place where they were free to express themselves through dance in any way they wanted.

"It's been my dream to create a musical that embraces my love of drag and the LGBTQ+ community. I was lucky enough to have two creative friends in my life, Matt Cain and David Wilson, that I could I bring together to make it a reality.”

Matt Cain, David Wilson, Arlene Phillips and director Jonathan O'Boyle

Matt said: “In my novels and journalism I’ve always loved exploring themes of LGBTQ+ identity, so it’s a real thrill to be opening up this new channel for my creativity and exploring the same themes in musical theatre.

"I’m also overjoyed to be creating a show that pays tribute to my home city of Manchester – a city that saved my life as a teenager and helped shape both the person and the writer I’ve become.” Co-writer and composer David Andrew Wilson said: “So much of this musical was written in lockdown when Matt, Arlene and I were just dreaming about what it would be like to be back on Canal Street. And now, here we are, about to open in Manchester!

"I am excited to have had the opportunity to write a show that incorporates modern pop to 90s dance to Broadway big band in an entirely original score.”

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