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Drama in north Manchester from Malandra Jacks

Chloe Barlow and Josh Wilkinson in Malandra Jacks' Census.
Chloe Barlow and Josh Wilkinson in Malandra Jacks' Census.

Set in Moston, north Manchester, new work Census is a history of a working-class area in constant transition.

Against the backdrop of cuts, closures and the cost-of-living crisis, award-winning theatre duo Malandra Jacks calls into question what it means to be working class today.

Using Mancunian charisma and wit, Chloe Barlow and Josh Wilkinson celebrate their local area at Contact Theatre, Manchester (September 13-16).

“We’re proud to be a working-class creative company embedded in our local community," said Chloe. "With the cost of living crisis ever-looming and local services shrinking, 2023 is a crucial period to deliver Census. The project presents a mix of our own autobiographical material and the rich experience of community members to ignite urgent conversations.”

Chloe and Josh have a history of developing work at Contact, where they started as participants in projects such as Contact Young Company, The Agency and Sharing The Stage.

Artistic director and CEO of Contact, Keisha Thompson, said: “The work fosters a sense of unity within our communities."

Contact is joined by Manchester-based contemporary performance producer hÅb in commissioning the work, and the project is supported by neighbourhood investment funding from Manchester City Council and the National Lottery.

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