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Folktale parenting at the Lowry

Leading visual performing arts company Theatre Re’s folktale-inspired production Bluebelle - at Salford’s Lowry Theatre, February 8-9 - tells a new folk story that weaves together plots from traditional and contemporary sources in a non-verbal production with music and sound effects.

The show, aimed at children aged eight and older, has already enjoyed sell-out success at this year's International Mime Festival in London.

Theatre Re worked with experts in "visual vernacular" - a physical theatre technique with elements of poetry and mime - making Bluebelle accessible to deaf audiences without the need for BSL interpretation.

As well as folk tales, Theatre Re gathered interviews with parents and carers to form a moving journey into the mysteries of parenthood.

Director Guillaume Pigé said: “Over three years, our creative journey took us from mime to clown work, from imaginative transformation to visual vernacular, to sound design and silliness.

“The result is a new tale about being a parent: it unravels our desires, our weaknesses and ultimately our strength and ability to care for those born after us.”

Established as a professional ensemble in 2011, Theatre Re is based in Hampshire and has a national and international reputation for visually-striking poetic theatre. The company’s name comes from the prefix ‘re’ and symbolises its guiding principles, namely to rediscover, reinvent and reveal.

Info and tickets here


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