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Get in the mood for Eurovision

Bernie Winston and Steve Bird
Bernie Winston and Steve Bird

Get in the mood for Eurovision via four new plays about Liverpool hosting the event on behalf of Ukraine.

A special contest was held by Liverpool’s Make it Write Productions to find plays to celebrate the occasion and the local Ukrainian community offered the team some ideas.

Life and Souls, by Merseyside writer Wallace Charles, tells of a man hosting Ukrainian refugees being troubled by memories of his dead son, while the soldier son/brother of the refugees goes missing in Ukraine.

Sean Denyer from Dublin offers Iceland, about a Eurovision-themed pub-quiz where love might hold the winning answer.

A rom-com, Love Shine a Light, by Crosby’s Bernie Winston, tells of a duo who crashed out of Eurovision with nul point, who are asked to get together for a comeback.

And From Waterloo with Love, by Liverpool’s Steve Bird, tells of a taxi-ride edging towards romance. But the path to true love is never smooth...

Make-it-Write-a-Vision is at the city's Hope Street Theatre May 5-6.

Info and tickets here


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