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Getting things off her chest

Poster for Eva Lily's first full-length play, "I've Got Some Things to Get Off My Chest"
Poster for Eva Lily's first full-length play, "I've Got Some Things to Get Off My Chest"

According to Google, Eva’s boobs weigh the same as two and a half bottles of tequila, two bricks, or the average newborn baby...

I’ve Got Some Things to Get Off My Chest is the debut solo play from Eve & Sea Productions' co-director, writer and performer Eva Lily about that very subject. Perceptive, cathartic and funny, I’ve Got Some Things… explores the failings of women’s healthcare: underfunded, under-researched and much like Eva’s boobs, under-supported.

The play is at Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester from July 13 - 16, before transferring it to the Edinburgh Fringe next month.

When Eva finally went saw her GP to ask about breast reduction – after years of carrying her very large chest as a literal weight on her shoulders – she came up, she says, against "a sea of misogynistic medical standards" standing in the way of her need to get help.

And according to Eva, it doesn't start there. From shopping for bras (anything over a DD on the British high street) and high-school changing rooms to running for the bus, the minefield of existing in a female body has always been something to be kept quiet. Eva – armed with charm, humour and a very expensive bra collection – wants to open the conversation.

I’ve Got Some Things… will transfer to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe after its previews at Hope Mill Theatre.

More info and tickets here

Same subject, different angle: after a successful run in London "Team Baggy Bra" has returned north for performances of Baggy Bra (see here) at Stockport's Squad House Theatre (which is here, July 27-29) as part of the Manchester Fringe Festival.


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