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It's a baggy bra problem

Poster for the show Baggy Bra

Manchester's "Team Baggy Bra" is made up of graduates of ALRA North, Warwick University, The Arden School of Theatre, and the Manchester School of Theatre, who have teamed up to create a titillating (sorry) comedy about bras, boobs and rising bills.

After a successful run in London the company has returned north for performances at Stockport's Squad House Theatre (which is here, July 27-29) as part of the Manchester Fringe Festival.

Barb (Sian Parry-Williams) and her adult daughter Eloise (Devan Woodward) are on a mission to look after the boobs of Tygraeth, just as their family has for generations.

Barb loves nothing more than a well-fitting bra and a secret flirt with tool shop owner Ted (Ray William Butler) but after another exhausting day at work she hears the Caribbean calling and decides to retire and put the Barb in Barbados, leaving the business in the capable hands of Eloise. Except Eloise has bigger dreams, and Barb has to choose between herself and her daughter – all while dealing with the customers who wreak havoc in her store.

Izzy Searle's play received warm reviews in London, gently introducing familiar themes about looking after your body – that 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong size bra, for example - while offering big laughs.

Audiences are invited to take their baggy bras to the show and add them to a bra recycling bank to raise money for Baggy Bra’s charity partner, Against Breast Cancer.

More info and tickets here, and you can watch this teaser of the show with Sian, Devan and Harriet Eaton.


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