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Gift of a farewell show for LEEDS 2023

Poter image for The Gifting, which ends Leeds 2023 Year of Culture

A mix of promenade theatre and song merging myths and legends, The Gifting will bring LEEDS 2023 Year Of Culture to a close from December 26-31.

Audiences will be able to gather outside Versa Film Studios in Holbeck, put on headphones and enter the cavernous space, to be transported into twelve individual but linked stories inspired by the year of culture.

Kully Thiarai, co-director of The Gifting and creative director of LEEDS 2023 said: “In January the Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage, started our year of culture by reminding all of us in Leeds that we had gold in our veins and diamonds for brains. It was the start LEEDS 2023 needed.

"As we head towards the year’s end, we let our dreams grow and celebrate the power of the stories we make, the myths we harness and the imagination we unleash together, powerfully making and concluding a year like no other.”

Alan Lane, co-director of The Gifting and artistic director of theatre company Slung Low said: “It’s such a privilege to work on a new show to mark the end of this year of culture – a magical ceremony that celebrates the power we all have to tell stories to shape the world we want to live in.

"We’ve been lucky enough to assemble the best team of artists and performers to sing farewell to the old year and welcome in a new one. A piece of magic in the dark days of winter.”

The Gifting is co-produced by LEEDS 2023, Slung Low and the British Library.

The hour-long show is suitable for ages seven and over.

More info and tickets here


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