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Hamilton and Bridgerton actor to star in Leeds Macbeth

Ash Hunter - to star in Leeds Playhouse Macbeth
Ash Hunter - to star in Leeds Playhouse Macbeth

Hamilton and Bridgerton star Ash Hunter plays the tortured but determined would-be king in a new video (below) prepared by Leeds Playhouse to give audiences a glimpse of his power and presence as Macbeth next month.

Hunter stars in the "Scottish play" in the Playhouse's Quarry theatre from March 5-23, but for the moment you can see him, mud-spattered and cold, walking across Ilkley Moor (which stands in for Dunsinane), searching for a clue to his ultimate destiny.

Hunter played the title character, Alexander Hamilton, in the hit West End musical in 2018-19 and starred as Heathcliff in Emma Rice’s acclaimed production of Wuthering Heights at the National Theatre.

Jessica Baglow stars alongside him as Lady Macbeth in director Amy Leach and set and costume designer Hayley Grindle’s epic take on Shakespeare’s tragedy. Jessica achieved widespread acclaim in the role when the production was first staged at Leeds Playhouse in 2022.

More info and tickets here


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