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Hope Mill takes theatre back indoors

One of the first shows in Manchester to be run under the updated Covid-19 live theatre rules will be female-led company HER Productions’ Meet Me at Dawn at Hope Mill Theatre from May 25-29.

The show, by multi-award-winning writer Zinnie Harris, sees two women (actors Susan Jayne-Robinson and Helen O’Hara) wash up on a distant shore following a boating accident, dazed and looking for a way home. They discover the unfamiliar land isn’t what it seems – and that though they are together, they have never been further apart. The modern fable explores the "triumph of everyday love, the mystery of grief, and the temptation to become lost in a fantasy future that will never be".

The show will appear live for a theatre audience (with the usual restrictions) each evening, with a live stream on May 26. Performances can go online should it become necessary.

More information and tickets here


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