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In conversation with her inner self in Three

Anxious: Christie Peto (left) and Hannah Harquart
Anxious: Christie Peto (left) and Hannah Harquart

There's a growing trend in theatre as therapy, in which an actor, courtesy of a writer, spills out his or her fears and traumas for the presumed cathartic benefit of the audience.

One of the better examples of the genre - breaking the usual monologue trend by having two characters – comes to a few select, small venues in the North West in September: the Kings Arms, Salford (September 6); Seven Arts in Leeds (September 7), and the Bloom Building in Birkenhead (September 8).

Three, from Dangerosity Theatre is an "observational comedy about what it means to be human" in which we hear a relatable story about one woman's dreary, anxious ordinary life and anxiety, post-incident at work, with the help of buck-up comments from her go-getting inner-self.

First performed in London and Brighton last year with great success, Three is the work of Christie Peto, who performs the piece alongside Hannah Harquart. The pair have been described as a sort of northern French and Saunders, with strong comedy timing and the ability to change moods seemingly at will.

Changing moods is what the show is about: audience members in London were even given - presumably for fun, if that's the right word - a copy of the medical PHQ-9 test to fill in, used by doctors to assess depression...

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