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Jess Folley to star in Burlesque The Musical

Jess Folley - songwriter and star of new musical Burlesque. Pic: Elliott Morgan
Jess Folley - songwriter and star of new musical Burlesque. Pic: Elliott Morgan

The Voice and X-Factor The Band winner Jess Folley will star in Burlesque The Musical for its pre-West End runs at the Manchester Opera House.

Jess, who was already credited as one of the show's creative team having written some songs for the show, won the first series of TV show The Voice Kids UK and in 2019 her band RLY were crowned winners of X Factor – The Band. Now she will play Ali in the first stage adaptation of Steven Antin’s crowd-pleasing movie Burlesque, which starred Christina Aguilera.

Jess said: “A year ago, I was lucky enough to have the chance to compose a song for the show and fortunately for me, Steven loved it! We had a couple of calls to get to know each other and the next thing I know he had asked me to play Ali in the workshops and then the show itself."

Antin said: "I am so thrilled we have the powerhouse that is Jess Folley taking on the iconic role of Ali Rose. She is a rare talent indeed."

When Ali heads to New York in search of her mother, she finds herself drawn into a dazzling underground world where the beat of the music and the heat of the dance moves will change her life forever. Among this unlikely family of misfits, dreamers and schemers, Ali will unwittingly find her real voice, discover her talent, and find where she really, truly belongs.

Burlesque The Musical previews at Manchester Opera House (June 13-29), and all performances for that run are sold out - so much so that a few days ago the producers announced the show's return to Manchester from October 3–November 2, immediately prior to London. Tickets for the second Manchester run go on sale on Friday.

Info and tickets here


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