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Lucky adds Kylie to the mix

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The new musical based on the music produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman from the mid 1980s will feature none other than Kylie Minogue... on video, the producers have revealed.

I Should Be So Lucky: The Stock Aitken Waterman Musical will add the Aussie superstar to the cast throughout each performance as a "specially created character unique to the musical" (though our money is on a Green Fairy-style persona as in Moulin Rouge).

The rest of the large cast is made up of performers from London's West End - not necessarily well-known, but powerhouse dancers and singers from some of the biggest musicals around.

The world premiere of the show will be at Manchester's Opera House on November 2, before a UK tour.

Stock Aitken Waterman said today "Stock Aitken Waterman are thrilled to be part of this wonderful new adventure. To see our songs take on a new life in the world of musical theatre and working on a collaboration with Debbie Isitt and her talented team is so exciting and very special."

Kylie Minogue said today “I’m thrilled to announce that I will be joining Stock Aitken Waterman in presenting the new musical, 'I Should Be So Lucky'! It is the music that inspired a generation (plus my first five albums!) so to have all the SAW hits in this original story will make for a compelling, funny and heartfelt show. Let’s enjoy the magic all over again!”

The show features music from the pop royalty of the Eighties, from Kylie, Rick Astley and Jason Donovan to Bananarama; 10 number one singles and over 25 songs from the "Hit Factory" in all.


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