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Macbeth this way comes...

Something wickedly interesting comes to Leeds Playhouse from February 26–March 19: a new production of Macbeth with a diverse and dynamic cast.

Tachia Newall, well-known to Playhouse audiences from his role as Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet in 2017 and from appearances in Waterloo Road, Coronation Street and the recent hit movie Dune, takes on the title role and in director Amy Leach’s vision of Shakespeare’s tragedy, does whatever it takes to gain power and the throne.

Lady Macbeth is played by Doncaster actor Jessica Baglow, recently seen in Gentleman Jack as lady’s maid Rachel Hemingway.

Auditions also recently took place to cast four young local actors from Leeds Playhouse’s Youth Theatre. Their names will be revealed later this month.

Amy Leach said: “Macbeth shows what a masterful storyteller Shakespeare was. He created a richly-rendered world with themes that continue to resonate with us today. I can’t wait to share this incredible story, performed by an equally incredible cast – their drive, energy and talent will be nothing less than electrifying.”

All performances of Macbeth will feature creatively-integrated audio description. The Playhouse’s creative engagement team will also create and share a range of educational resources with schools to engage with young people across the city – including exclusive access to the rehearsal room, cast and creative team.

More info and tickets here


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