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Made in (India) Britain

Rinkoo Barpaga. Picture by David Fawbert
Rinkoo Barpaga. Picture by David Fawbert

After a powerful run on the Edinburgh Fringe last year, Made in (India) Britain shares a poignant story of South Asian deaf people living in Britain. The show comes to HOME Manchester this week (May 23-25) and Oldham Library (May 31), and next month is at Sheffield's Crucible (June 20, though there are no details on the Crucible website, so check ahead).

Audiences will join Rinkoo Barpaga on his journey through adolescence as he challenges perceptions of the deaf community. The show is performed - for a change - in British Sign Language, with a live voiceover, and delves into Rinkoo's experiences of self-discovery, identity and belonging.

Inspired by his mother’s storytelling, Rinkoo relates a story common to many second-generation migrants in our towns and cities. Made in (India) Britain is his reaction to discrimination, to moments when he has felt settled, fleeting moments of acceptance, the fear of what may be coming next, and to the prejudice always just around the corner...

Made in (India) Britain considers how you become who you are and where you belong. People influence our decisions and ways of thinking throughout our lives, whether teachers, parents or TV presenters, and they all shape our view of the world – which is what the tour also aims to do.

More info and tickets here (Home), here (Oldham)


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