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Make It Write for the Liverpool Fringe Festival

Poster for Liverpool Fringe show Dancing at 3am

Liverpool artists collective Make It Write offers three evenings of shows at the Liverpool Fringe Festival, kicking off with a double-bill on October 5.

In Dancing at 3am, writer Fiona Leonard shows two very different women unfolding poignant tales of their pasts when they are brought together in the rather surreal setting of dancing and cake making in the wee small hours.

The second half of the double-bill is Down the Alley, by Brian Hutchinson. Two homeless people, Ester and Charles, bed down at the back of Liverpool's Adelphi Hotel. Charles is tipsy, battling his demons; Ester is displeased he is invading her private space...

On October 12 Make it Write has award-winning director and actor Abbey Fitzhenry directing The Cat Box, a comic drama set in south Manchester by Karl Owens, members of the Northern Voices writers' group – four socially disastrous, slightly damaged people whose lives revolve around the group.

Make it Write’s third show, on October 13, is a double bill of sinister drama. Uncle Toad, by Jamie Cunliffe and Ian Cragg’s I Hate Charlie Pickles. In the former an evil uncle spills information and family secrets some members of the family might hope were left unsaid, while in the latter, an ageing, old-style comedian struggles to make a living and yearns to shed his stage character and do something new. All shows run twice nightly at The Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9E. The Liverpool Fringe Festival (more information here) runs from October 1-8.

More info and tickets here


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